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Martial Arts Dojo, Daxi

No.33-3, Puji Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 33541, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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History and humanities

The Scale of the Museum

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The Scale of the Museum

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Martial Arts Dojo, Daxi

  • Martial Arts Dojo, Daxi
  • Martial Arts Dojo, Daxi
  • Martial Arts Dojo, Daxi

Establishment Purpose

  • Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum is established upon the belief in the preservation of culture assets and integration of local groups.

Department Introduction

Built: 1935 Designated Status: Historic Building in Taoyuan Background: During the Japanese governance period, Martial Arts Dojo, Daxi used to be a place for police to practice judo and kendo. After Taiwan Recovery, the place was assigned to be the housing for the former president Chiang Kai-Shek's gendarmeries. In 1999, gendarmeries moved out, and in 2001, the hall underwent renovations by the Daxi County Office. In 2015, Wood Art Eco-Museum took over the hall and had the ancillary building fixed. Now it is the base for special exhibitions.

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  • Information and  Service Desk
    Information and Service Desk

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  • Barrier-Free Access (ramp)
  • All paths are wheelchair or cart accessible
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