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Puzi Embroidery Culture Center

No. 10, Wenming Road, Puzi City, Chiayi County

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Puzi Embroidery Culture Center

  • Puzi Embroidery Culture Center
  • Puzi Embroidery Culture Center
  • Puzi Embroidery Culture Center

Department Introduction

The Center used to be the official salt shop during the Qing Dynasty and Japanese rule. Later on, it was stationed by the vessel division of the Chiayi County Police Department and then disused after the division was recalled back to the head office. The restoration began in 2004 and went public in the name of the “Embroidery Culture Center” by the Council for Cultural Affairs on December 18. The purpose of the Center is to promote embroidery culture and pass down the craft. The Center exhibits handicrafts related to embroidery which are skillfully made by embroidery trainees with various stitches. The exhibition of cultural and creative products includes exquisite embroidered shoes of the three-inch golden lotus, needle painting of different countries’ culture, and innovative ways of life, lucky sachets, small clothes for God, and betel nut fans. The Center also collects embroidery with a hundred years of history. The sophisticated stitches and artistry of the embroideries made in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China is worthy of appreciation.

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