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The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng Lin Hsien -Tang Museum

No.91, Laiyuan Rd., Wufeng Dist., Taichung City

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History and humanities
Painting Architecture Crafts History Literature

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Single Museum

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The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng Lin Hsien -Tang Museum

  • The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng  Lin Hsien -Tang  Museum
  • The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng  Lin Hsien -Tang  Museum
  • The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng  Lin Hsien -Tang  Museum
  • The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng  Lin Hsien -Tang  Museum
  • The Lin Family Garden in Wufeng  Lin Hsien -Tang  Museum

Establishment Purpose

  • Lin Hsien-tang whose first name Chao-chen, is also known as Ta-chuang after he passed away, and he has the alternative given name Guan-yuan; and Hisen-tang is his 2nd first name. He was born in 1881 to the Wufeng Lin family Mr. Ling Hsien-tang is a democratic pioneer and known as a sociologist, educationalist, thinker and politician. He is one of the greatest men in the history of modern Taiwan. The museum is inside the Lai Yuen of Wufeng Lin Family Mansion and Garden (Mingtai High School). There's a national historic site Wugui House (Five-Cassia Tower) and ten scenes of Laiyuan, Feishang Zuiyue Pavilion (Flying Goblet Drunken Moon Pavilion), Mumian Bridge (Ceiba Tree Bridge), etc. Currently, the museum exhibits valuable artifacts, including Lin Hsien-tang's scripture of his diary, personal correspondence, collection of calligraphy and painting, and his book "Travel Notes of Voyage Around the Word" written during his trip to the Europe and the US in 1927, as well as his old photos of early days, furniture, clothes, accessories, etc. Each piece of furniture, decoration, artifact displayed tells its own historical story. Through these displays, visitors can observe wealthy people's lives in the past, and appreciate Taiwanese craftsmanship and exquisite and gorgeous culture. Therefore, once entering the museum, it's like reading a Lin Hsien-tang's biography and a 3-dimensional history of Taiwan, beautiful and magnificent. The establishment of the museum is not only to make people have a further understanding of Taiwanese history and culture but also inspire people of the following generations to carry on the ancestor's achievements that dedicated the most effort to preserve cultural heritage.

Department Introduction

Lin Hsien -Tang Museum exhibits Taiwan's pioneer Lin Hsien-tang's writings, old photos, and various kinds of furniture, decorations in the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion, as well as literature documents, and the precious antique of the Ming and the Qing Dynasty by the President Lin Fang-ying. The greatest purpose is to help people impressed by predecessors' beautiful crafts and artwork; at the same time, people will further understand the meaning behind the history during the appreciation. In view of aforementioned, the museum has the vision to make an expansion by taking Wufeng District as the core and Wufeng Ling Family's abundant historical and cultural background as the base to create a representative Taiwanese traditional historic and cultural education park that provide a complete base for researches of Taiwanese history, culture, education, politics, social science for the entire Taichung, the whole Taiwan, or for the whole world.

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    Food and Beverage Area
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    Gender-Friendly Space

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  • Barrier-Free Lavatory
  • Barrier-Free Parking Space for Cars and Motorcycles
  • Barrier-Free Access (ramp)
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  • All paths are wheelchair or cart accessible
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