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Taiwan Theater Museum

No.101, Sec.2, Fuxing Rd., Yilan City, Yilan County 260

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Taiwan Theater Museum

  • Taiwan Theater Museum

Establishment Purpose

  • Taiwan Theater Museum is a local signature hall of the Ministry of Culture, and it's also an environmental education facility of the Environmental Protection Administration. Established in 1986, it was completed and opened to the public on April 21, 1990. It has housed objects related to Taiwanese opera (primary), puppetry, Beiguan music, and glove puppetry (auxiliary). It's a 3-story building with an area of about 600 pings. The main hall is the building B of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Yilan County Government; there're facilities including exhibition room (3 rooms), and multimedia room as well as spaces for archives, administrative affairs, and shops; the Drama Video and Audio Library is located on the 1st floor, Building A of the Cultural Affairs Bureau. It has multi-features, including drama display, heritage education, promotion of performance, collection and archive, research and publication, etc. The museum has a rich collection and impressive displays; with drama promotional activities held here frequently, it's become an important venue that maintains folk drama. In addition, to spread the seeds of drama and to deeply root valuable skills, the "Taiwanese Opera Class of Taiwan Theater Museum" was started in 2002. It aimed to carry on the on and off-stage Taiwanese opera and the local opera; at the same time, it has performed for the public benefit and cultural activities to play an active role of promoting Taiwanese theater.

Department Introduction

The purposes of establishing the Taiwan Theater Museum is to compile information on the development of Taiwanese drama, conduct surveys, collection and collation related to Taiwan's folk theater as well as evaluate its social, cultural and artistic significance as a result to inspire folk artists and to raise and pioneer theatrical art. Through performance, exhibition and promotion, the museum aimed to deepen public understanding on the significance of folk theater art as a result to encourage the coexistence and fusion of traditional folk arts with contemporary culture.

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