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Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City

No. 1, Lane 28, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251

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History and humanities

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Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City

  • Tamsui Historical Museum, New Taipei City

Establishment Purpose

  • On June 30, 1980, the British government officially handed over the Fort San Domingo to the ROC government. On May 26, 1983, the Ministry of the Interiors designated the fortress as a class 1 historical monument in Taiwan and Fujian areas. On December 25, 1984, the renovation was completed, and the fortress was opened for public visit. In 2003, the Taipei County Government (promoted to the New Taipei City in 2009) integrated the cultural assets in Tamsui District for operations and established the “Tamsui Historical Monument Park” as a task force according to local opinions on February 1. On July 26 in the same year, the “localization” mission for promoting government organization reengineering according to the national development program, the Ministry of the Interiors handed over the fortress to the Taipei County Government. The “Tamsui Historical Monument Park” was transformed as the administration and information center of the fortress to open for the public the Fort San Domingo, Tamsui Customs Officers’ Residence of the Qing dynasty, and Hobe Fort, and to administer and maintain 18 historical monuments. In 2005, to welcome the “Challenge 2008 Six-Year National Development Plan;” engage in the preservation, maintenance, and regeneration of historical monuments; and gather and collate data regarding world historical heritages, the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of the Taipei County Government founded the “Tamsui Historical Museum” on July 1, marking a new attempt in the preservation and tourism operations of historical monuments in Taiwan. Currently, the museum administers 33 tangible cultural heritages in Tamsui. Through collection, research, exhibition, education promotion, and marketing, the museum engrains and accumulates the energy of cultural heritages. On consideration of the public nature of museums, the Tamsui Historical Museum plays a key role in promoting resident participation to form a thriving cultural ecology fused with tangible cultural assets and intangible contents. In the future, the Tamsui Historical Museum will continue to promote the public museology concept to proactively face and respond to society to achieve the goals of “cultural equality” and “cultural sustainability.”

Department Introduction

The Tamsui Historical Museum is Taiwan’s first museum ever to make historical monuments and historical buildings as collections. With preservation and revitalization of cultural assets in Tamsui as the core value, the Tamsui Historical Museum emphasizes public participation and local experience and learning to create a close tie with the daily life of people by integrating and creating local resources through the “collection research,” “education promotion,” “operational management,” “P/R and marketing” and spatial design of the museum. The Tamsui Historical Museum hopes to put Tamsui on the world stage again based on the local cultural assets.

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