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Museum of National Taipei University of Education

No. 134, Section 2, Heping East Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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Arts and Crafts
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Museum of National Taipei University of Education

  • Museum of  National Taipei University of Education

Establishment Purpose

  • The Museum of National Taipei University of Education (MoNTUE) is a platform with energy for art innovation. By building the transparent main space with glass curtain wall, the MoNTUE is a university art museum established in August 2011 by the National Taipei University of Education (NTUE), with Professor Mun-Lee Lin of the Department of Art and Design as the convener. Lin is the former NMP director. Through the co-planning of worldwide experts, scholars, and artists, the MoNTUE started service in December 2012. The NTUE is the origin of modern art development and modern art education in Taiwan. Since Japanese instructor Kinichiro Ishikawa, senior artists including Jiang-Huai Ni, Zhi-Qi Chen, Cheng-Bo Chen, Shi Qiao Li, Mei-Shu Li, among others, graduated from the NTUE. NTUE, known as Beishi in Chinese, has unrivaled significance in Taiwan’s art history. To continue and commemorate this tradition, NTUE is maintained in the museum’s name called MoNTUE. Instead of self-contenting with glorious past, the MoNTUE is established for “heritage” and “innovation.” After numerous discussions, the museum was wittily and funnily named “MoNTUE” (The Museum of NTUE) to maintain “innovation” and “heritage” in the same place. Resembling very much to “Mon-Tue” in English, people are welcome to called it “Mon-Tue.” The main building of the MoNTUE was designed by architect Zhi-Hao Jiang. With the transparency, openness, and friendliness of the glass curtain wall, Jiang blends the community with the campus views, making the MoNTUE a “tree-surrounded” museum of contemporary arts. Celebrated Japanese architect Keisuke Toyoda took charge of the interior design. Capturing the building’s architectural features, Toyoda decorates the MoNTUE with a witty and modern taste. The collaboration of these two architectural celebrities has turned the MoTUE into new cultural landmark in metropolitan Taipei.   

Department Introduction

Maintaining leadership in Taiwan’s art development and art education, the NTUE aims to improve the cultural and art literacy of the school, promote domestic and international cultural and art exchange, invigorate the resources and development art, culture, and cultural and creative industries in community.

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  • Barrier-Free Lavatory
  • Barrier-Free Elevator
  • All paths are wheelchair or cart accessible
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