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Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum

No. 79-1, Xining North Road, Datong District, Taipei City

Characteristics of Theme

Arts and Crafts
Anthropology Drama Folkloristics Crafts

The Scale of the Museum

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Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum

  • Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum
  • Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum
  • Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum

Department Introduction

The Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum is an old building with a history of 96 years that stands in the old Dadaocheng Area. Next to the museum is the historically meaningful Dihua Old Street, which is the most complete old street in Taipei City. The Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum is a space of 660 square meters. It used to be the “Zhou Jin-Chun Tea House- Tea Manufactory”, witnessing the development of industries as well as religion and culture in Dadaocheng. The “Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum” and “Nadou Theatre” are spaces that promote puppet art culture. In the Museum you can find special exhibition rooms, a normal exhibition area, and a theater that is suitable for all kinds of professional performances and activities. The Museum not only organizes different puppet exhibitions occasionally to broaden the visitors’ horizons, but also opens puppet carving courses, parent-child puppet show classes, and puppet show technique extension courses. Additionally, we offer professional museum tours and performances for the visiting schools and organizations. We hope the visitors can experience the fun and beauty of the puppet show in person.

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