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No.38, Lequn St., West Dist., Taichung City 403

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History and humanities

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Establishment Purpose

  • Taichung Literature Museum was used to be a police dormitory during the Japanese colonial period; it was built in 1932. Based on the ever-lasting preservation of the historic buildings that present the spirit and context of the past and keeps track of the development of literature in the greater Taichung area for highlighting the local literati's achievement, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City designated the building as a historic building in 2009. Being positioned as the "Taichung Literature Museum," the renovation and reclamation for the re-use of the building started in April 2010. When the exterior renovation was completed in April 2015, the Literature garden was opened to the public earlier; meanwhile, the interior furnishing, the design, and the layout of displays were carried out. Subsequently, on August 26, 2016, all buildings of the museum were opened to the public. Taichung Literature Museum covers an area of 1,863 pings and consists of six buildings, including the permanent exhibition area, themed exhibition area, the children's literature area, the workshop and lecture hall, the themed dining area and the administration area. Each building is mainly used for exhibitions, research and studying, and promotional activities. With diverse and lively exhibitions and interactive devices, the museum can achieve the fulfillment of literature education and cultural recreation. The esthetics of the construction and the historic atmosphere of the museum have made it a new attraction for cultural tours.

Department Introduction

The establishment purposes of Taichung Literature Museum are as follows: (1) Elaborating literature as a nourishing resource for different types of art, making profound connotation in literature and esthetics become important milestones in human civilization and history, the museum highlights the glorious tradition of Taichung's Literature to make citizens and people from all aspects of work know the abundant connotation in Taichung's literature; the recognition for local literature will be strengthened consequently. (2) Not only continue collecting the works of renowned literati in Taichung, related artifacts as the requirements for collection and studies but also offering a space for exhibition and education, the museum has become a unique themed venue for collection and exhibition. (3) Inspiring people to grow interests in local literature and related knowledge as well as making literature walk into the daily lives of people, the museum will be the new landmark on the development track of Taichung's literature. (4) Transforming a historic construction into a venue of humanity, the museum carries on the heritage and the reuse of historical memory. With the features of study, collection, education, and recreation, the museum directs literature into the daily lives of people; it enhances the application and heritage of local literature and provides experiences of humanistic art; therefore, it's hoped to inspire people's care about the environment of humanity and promote a literature atmosphere in Taichung.

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