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National Human Rights Museum

No. 131, Fusing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 231

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National Human Rights Museum

  • National Human Rights Museum
  • National Human Rights Museum
  • National Human Rights Museum
  • National Human Rights Museum
  • National Human Rights Museum

Establishment Purpose

  • Apart from continuously promoting the collection, research, exhibition, education promotion, and international exchange of documentation, historical sources, and artefacts in relation to the authoritarian period, the National Human Rights Museum (NHRM) will enhance its support for various human rights issues and the development of organizations practicing and promoting modern human right concepts to demonstrate Taiwan’s determination to pursue and practice human rights as a universal value.

Department Introduction

Taiwan’s road to democracy is filled with stories about the sufferings, resistances, and victories of people. Although these stories have been neglected or even forgotten, to ensure they can be heard, remembered, and circulated by our future generations, the NHRM is established.   The sites of historical wounds, Green Island Memorial Park and Juingmei Memorial Park where White Terror has been practiced, under the NHRM jurisdiction have been transformed into memorial landscapes. Green Island was a prison island in the public memory, while the Jingmei Memorial Park was a court marital venue. The park has stories regarding the White Terror everywhere and is a collective walking history. Since the abolition of the martial law, these two venues have faced the threat of demolition, and their name and administrative authorities have also been changed for several times. Apart from a responsible unit for preserving the history of Taiwan’s wounds, the NHRM symbolizes the social consensus of the White Terror history and the basic value of human rights. Although there is still a long way to transitional justice, the history of ignorance will be overturned, and the key moment for practicing and realizing human rights will come.

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