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Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery

1F., No. 10, Lane 43, Zhonghua Road, Sanxia District, New Taipei City

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Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery

  • Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery

Department Introduction

The Gallery was established in 1990 and originally named the “Liu Qing Gang Physician and Professor Li Mei-Shu Memorial Hall.” The Galley was relocated to the current location: No. 10, Lane 43, Zhonghua Road, Sanxia District, New Taipei City and officially renamed the “Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery” in April, 1995. The purpose of establishing the Gallery is in remembrance of the predecessor artist Professor Li Mei-Shu. Professor Li Mei-Shu (1902-1983) was born and raised in Sanxia (Sanjiaoyong). He was committed to art creation and movement during his lifetime and persisted his whole life in the realism style acquired from the Tokyo University of the Arts. Embracing the rustic beauty of Taiwan, Professor Li was known as the “Great Wall” in the art movement of Taiwan. Official Website of Li Mei-Shu Memorial Gallery: https://limeishu.org.tw

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