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Nantou County Art Archive

No. 61, Section 2, Zhangnan Road, Nantou City, Nantou County

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Nantou County Art Archive

  • Nantou County Art Archive

Department Introduction

The “Nantou County Art Archive” uses the historic buildings around the Wude Martial Arts Center for its main construction. The Nantou County Art Archive, together with the County History Hall, Nantou Pottery Exhibition Hall, and County History Reference Hall, it constitutes the “Nantou County Culture Park”. The Park is listed as a Historic Building. The main building was constructed in 1952 with rebar, concrete, and lime. It has the Tang architecture style. The main building was borrowed to the Nantou Police Station, former Mountain Agricultural Resources Development Bureau, and Nantou Environmental Protection Bureau. The restoration work completed in March, 2003 and on June 15, 2003, the Nantou County Art Archive was open for use. Layout On the First Floor: ◎Social Hall: Equipped with tables and chairs. Artists can have social events and rest here. ◎Collection Room: It collects documents and personal information of local artists. ◎Office. ◎Briefing Room: The capacity is around 40 people. People can publish their works, have literary and art appreciation, keynote speeches, and meetings here. Layout On the Second Floor: ◎Exhibition Area: The area is about 264 square meters. Artists can have their work exhibited here.

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