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Museum Island


National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute,Taipei Branch

No.41, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100

Characteristics of Theme

Arts and Crafts
Painting Architecture Crafts Sculpture

The Scale of the Museum

Single Museum

The Scale of the Museum

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National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute,Taipei Branch

  • National  Taiwan  Craft  Research  and  Development  Institute,Taipei  Branch
  • National  Taiwan  Craft  Research  and  Development  Institute,Taipei  Branch
  • National  Taiwan  Craft  Research  and  Development  Institute,Taipei  Branch

Establishment Purpose

  • In the initial period following the end of Japanese rule, and the withdrawal of the National Government to Taiwan, there was an urgent need to establish an educational area where notions of Chinese ethnicity and spirituality could perpetuate. In the 40th year of the Republic (1951), Late President Chiang Kai-Shek gave Minister of Education Zhang Qi-Yun the task of establishing the botanical gardens in the southern district, with buildings to be constructed in a Chinese palatial style. The construction of five societal establishments: National Museum of History, National Institute for Educational Resources and Research, National Taiwan Arts Education Center, National Taiwan Science Center, and National Education Radio, became the symbols of a dual continuation and modernisation of Chinese art, culture and science. The building formerly known as the “National Taiwan Science Center” changed its name to“National Taiwan Science Education Center” in 1962. At that time it was an important educational subsidiary institution for promoting Taiwan scientific and social education, and it has launched a series of major events,including establishing the “Itinerant Science Fair,” “Elementary and Middle School Science Exhibition,” “Taiwan International Science Fair,” “National Invention and Innovation Exhibition”and the country's first “4D Motion Theater” and other science-related creative activities, playing an important role in showcasing Taiwan’s Science Education achievements.

Department Introduction

The building emulating the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests at the Temple of Heaven of Beijing was designed by LU Yuh-Chun, the architect based in France, and completed in 1959. It is symbolic of highlighting Chinese regime legitimacy and promoting modernization of education and was first used by National Institute of Educational Resources and Research and the Science Hall. The building became Taipei City’s heritage-listed building after the Science Hall moved out in 2003. In 2008, it was officially handed over to National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute (NTCRI) and launched a restoration project. Due to the revitalization and reuse work, this historic building has taken on a new identity as “Taipei Branch, NTCRI” with a gorgeous fresh look and become a more approachable and pleasant public domain for art.

Audience Services and Facilities

  • Lavatory
  • Breastfeeding Room
    Breastfeeding Room
  • Food and Beverage Area
    Food and Beverage Area
  • Shops
  • Elevators
  • Information and  Service Desk
    Information and Service Desk

Barrier-Free Service

  • Barrier-Free Lavatory
  • Barrier-Free Access (ramp)
  • Barrier-Free Elevator
  • All paths are wheelchair or cart accessible
  • Hospitality Service Desk
  • Auxiliary Equipment Rental
  • Friendly Guided Tour
  • Hotline Service

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