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Ciou's Ancient House

No. 26, Tianliao Lane, Fengtian Village, Pingtung City, Pingtung County

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Ciou's Ancient House

  • Ciou's Ancient House
  • Ciou's Ancient House
  • Ciou's Ancient House
  • Ciou's Ancient House

Department Introduction

The “Henantang Zhongshidi” was an old house of the Qiu family. And it is a Hakka cluster house. The ancestors of the Qiu family came to Taiwan in the 15th century. They settled in the Changxin Area (current Changzhi) and started farming to make a living. The family moved to Tianliao later. Qiu Yuan-Shou and Qiu Yuan-Kui, the first sons, built two Hakka Cluster Houses respectively. During the Japanese occupied period, Qiu Yuan-Shou made a fortune in the sugar business and thus expanded Zhongshidi to its current size in 1915. In 1991, the Zhongzheng Junior High School next to the Qiu Family's House expanded. Some of the land and the buildings on the land were given to the School. This led to the tearing down of Qiu Yuan-Kui’s house. Zhongshidi was preserved because people in different fields fought for it. The Pingtung County Government later promoted the cultural heritage preservation and development plan and changed Zhongshidi to the “The Folk Art Museum of Pingtung”. Zhongshidi is a public resource and open for visiting now.

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