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National Taiwan Museum

No. 2, Shangyang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100

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National Taiwan Museum

  •  National Taiwan Museum
  •  National Taiwan Museum
  •  National Taiwan Museum

Establishment Purpose

  • Established in 1908 as Taiwan’s first and oldest surviving museum for natural history (historia naturalis), the National Taiwan Museum (NTM) is also a museum with the most essential Taiwanese artefacts. In a magnificent classical style, the NTM building was completed in 1915. Alongside with the former Taipei Main Station on the opposite direction, both buildings are the important landmarks and axis of Taipei’s modernization. Over the last 100 years or so, the NTM has initiated Taiwan’s museum studies and social education and engaged in the investigation, collection and research of Taiwan’s natural history. Based on a rich and previous collection of artefacts, the NTM interprets the local biodiversity and cultural pluralism to promote cultural knowledge to people’s daily life. With a collection of over 110,000 artefacts and upholding the history and culture of Taiwan, the NTM guides the public to know Taiwan, making it a true illuminator of Taiwan’s modern knowledge. The NTM is dedicated to exhibiting Taiwan’s natural ecology, natural history, humanity history, and culture. With a range of artefact collection, the NTM is committed to safeguarding the essentials of Taiwan history and related cultures. In recent years, the NTM has been proactively promoting the “Taiwan Museums System” to link historical monuments including the “NTM Main Building,” “Natural History Branch ( Land Bank Exhibition Hall),” “Nanmen Branch (Nanmen Park)” and the “Beimen Branch (Railway Ministry)” under restoration and launch a series of related artifact exhibitions in relation to the natural architectural culture of the respective districts, in order to revitalize and reuse capital historical sites for visitors to explore the development of Taiwan’s natural history, industrial history, and modern humanity history, to Taiwan’s present biodiversity and cultural pluralism, enhance Taiwan’s cultural image, and present new energy.

Department Introduction

The four NTM missions are: research, collection, exhibition, and education, corresponding respectively to the bedrock, heart, façade, and soul of a museum. With these four missions and through the collaboration of staffing units, the NTM promotes museum affairs based on the “LOVE” service concept: Learning, Open, Vivid, and Education, to achieve lifelong learning with the lively elaborations and interpretations of artefacts, specimens, videos, images in collection and by opening the museum education culture and resources.

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