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NTU Archives

No. 18, Shiyuan Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100 (Archives Building, Shuiyuan Campus)

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History and humanities
Crafts History

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The Scale of the Museum

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NTU Archives

  • NTU Archives
  • NTU Archives
  • NTU Archives
  • NTU Archives
  • NTU Archives

Establishment Purpose

  • Since 1945, the NTU Archives has been recording the academic development and efforts of NTU members. In August 2007, the NTU Archives Room was established after relocating to the Archives Building on the Shuiyuan Campus. In July 2015, it was promoted to the first interdisciplinary archives among all universities in Taiwan. Exhibition aims: Archives as Insights into History, Archives as References for Aesthetics. Based on the scientific management of files, the NTU Archives has developed three development platforms: (1) file exhibition platform: displays the stories relating to people and the campus in files and expands exchange in joint exhibitions and the brainstorming of crossover arts; (2) file restoration platform: repair and restore all types of important documents in possession of the NTU, gather files regarding manual restoration techniques, and develop the archive volunteer creative craft art platform; and (3) file cultural and creative platform: link file elements and the creative and value-added application of students to create campus culture & creative souvenirs for sales to expand NTU’s art and cultural spirit. With the innovative use of professional technologies integrated with IT, the NTU Archives will demonstrate a new appearance and new image in the 21st century.

Department Introduction

1. Inject new life into long dormant files and historical sources to enhance the application value of university archives. 2. Promote archive education and bridge the gap between stories in files and the public. 3. Establish the thematic digital archive base for the archives of universities across Taiwan. 4. Publicize the file preservation concepts and help all units with file repair and restoration. 5. Promote the archive cultural and creative application platform to connect with the world.

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