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Yong An Art Center

No. 156-1, Section 2, Muxin Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City

Characteristics of Theme

Arts and Crafts
Drama Music Entertainment Dance

The Scale of the Museum

Single Museum

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Yong An Art Center

  • Yong An Art Center

Department Introduction

The Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government and U-Theatre created the Yong An Art Center - Performing Arts School 36 for arts and humanities events. Additionally, the Yong An Art Center - Performing Arts School 36 serves as a cradle for the cultivation of people in the field of professional performance. The Art Center collaborated with the Taipei Jingwen High School to open a U-Theatre art performance class. In the class, teenagers can initiate self-learning and discover themselves freely without worrying about barriers and frames and these will help them develop confidence and positive values. The Art Center is the best place for mind relaxation for people living in the Wenshan area. People can feel art in the art cultural forum, workshop, and extension course it holds. We welcome all those who love art performance and cultural event to come to exchange ideas here and experience the art of living from local culture and foreign art.

Audience Services and Facilities

  • Lavatory
  • Breastfeeding Room
    Breastfeeding Room
  • Food and Beverage Area
    Food and Beverage Area
  • Elevators
  • Information and  Service Desk
    Information and Service Desk

Barrier-Free Service

  • Barrier-Free Lavatory
  • Barrier-Free Access (ramp)
  • Barrier-Free Elevator
  • Barrier-Free Seating/Seats
  • All paths are wheelchair or cart accessible
  • Hospitality Service Desk
  • Friendly Guided Tour
  • Hotline Service

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