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Puppetry Art Center of Taipei

2F, No.99, Sec.5, Civil Boulevard, Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105

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Puppetry Art Center of Taipei

  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei
  • Puppetry Art Center of Taipei

Establishment Purpose

  • Born from a passion for the art of puppetry, Mr. Lin Ching-fu, the chairman of the Taiyuan Arts and Culture Foundation, donated his collection of puppets, which he had gathered over several decades to the Taipei City Government. It's hoped that Taipei City Government can set up a venue where these puppets can be preserved and exhibited in perpetuity. After the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government made careful planning, these valuable relics found the clue of settlement in the "Community Rewarding Project by the Living Mall of Core Pacific Group" "The Puppetry Art Center of Taipei" featuring display, performance, teaching, and collection was officially open to the public in August 2004. The core idea of the Puppetry Art Center of Taipei is "for the love of creativity, for the love of puppetry." The venue is divided into 4 units, the "Dai-Dai-Xiang-Chuan: Glove Puppet Area," the "Si-Si-Ru-Kou: String Puppet Area," the "Ying-Ying Yue-Yue: Shadow Puppet Area," the "Puppet Show Kaleidoscope: Discovery Area." There's a "Do-It-Yourself Puppetry Class." The museum introduces the history and development of Taiwan's traditional and contemporary puppetry. It's hoped to encourage people to explore personal creativities by using materials from everyday life to make themselves hand puppets, shadow puppets, marionettes, or one of the many modern forms of puppets. Connecting tradition and modernity, building a bridge between the puppetry art of East and West, the Puppetry Art Center of Taipei has become the best place for people in Taiwan and visitors from all over the world to learn about puppets, appreciate puppets and play with puppets.

Department Introduction

(1) Collection and Maintenance of puppetry cultural relics. (2) Collection, researches, and publication of puppetry associated literature. (3) The artistic promotion of traditional and contemporary puppetry shows nationwide and worldwide. (4) Cultural education and campaign in the communities.

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