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Image Museum of Hsinchu City

No. 65, Zhongzheng Road, East District, Hsinchu City 300

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Image Museum of Hsinchu City

  • Image Museum of Hsinchu City
  • Image Museum of Hsinchu City
  • Image Museum of Hsinchu City
  • Image Museum of Hsinchu City

Establishment Purpose

  • As Taiwan’s first air-conditioning cinema in an architectural style mixing the ancient Roman and Arabian styles, the Image Museum of Hsinchu City was initially built in 1933 as the Yule Theater (Hsinchu Municipal Theater). After WWII, it was renamed “Guomin Cinema” run by the government In addition to being a cinema, it is a venue for concerts and military recruitment activities, making it a sharp landmark carrying the memories of people’s daily life. The cinema was eventually closed in 1991 due to market competitions. During the “National Festival of Culture and Arts” in 1996, the Commission for Cultural Affairs held the “Charm of the Wind City” at the Hsinchu Cultural Center to successfully recall the public memories and motions. Through the concerted efforts of different groups, this old cinema has become the Image Museum of Hsinchu City. Since the Image Museum was opened in 2000, it has been providing citizens with a friendly cultural leisure space, enriching people’s cultural literacy through image education, and promoting films independently made by Taiwanese directors. Every month the cinema introduced films under different topics. Apart from planning individual film exhibitions, the museum teams up with domestic film festival units to collect different types of films and displays film artefacts. In education promotion, the museum organizes the image empowerment camp to develop image talents in Hsinchu and preserve local image records.

Department Introduction

The image museum is committed to preserving the image collective memories of Hsinchu citizens and promoting quality image culture to communities and schools. The image museum also re-considers the uniqueness of Taiwan films from the world film territory to broaden Taiwan’s vision to engrain film-making and develop globally. The functions and goals of the image museum are as follows: 1. To extend and regenerate the historical significance of Yule Theater. 2. To introduce broader history interpretation. 3. To promote image education to communities and schools. 4. To display and promote independent Taiwanese films.

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