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Manjhou folksongs musuem

No. 152, Zhongshan Road, Manzhou Township, Pingtung County

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Manjhou folksongs musuem

  • Manjhou folksongs musuem
  • Manjhou folksongs musuem
  • Manjhou folksongs musuem
  • Manjhou folksongs musuem
  • Manjhou folksongs musuem

Department Introduction

The address of the Manjhou Folksong Museum is No. 152, Zhongshan Road, Manzhou Village, Manzhou Township. This was the old site of the book borrowing area and reading area in the Manzhou Township Library. With the efforts of Manzhou people and local communities including the Manzhou Folksong Association, Manzhou Township Cultural Education and Industrial Development Association, Manzhou Junior High School Alumni Association and Pingnan District Community University, the “Manjhou Folksong Museum” was established. With the support from the Pingtung County Government and the Township Mayor, Yu Zeng-Chun, and under the work of public sector cooperation, the spare space in the Manzhou Township Library was used for the construction of the Manjhou Folksong Museum. The hardware facilities of the Museum were finally completed in 2018, and the Museum had the unveiling ceremony and opened for operation on February 16. The government currently contracts out the operation of the Museum to the “Manzhou Folksong Association”. Currently there is a librarian and several volunteers from the Association managing the Museum. Though the initial space planning is complete, the overall planning, facilities and devices inside the Museum still need to be improved. The main goal proposed by the Township Office is to use the funding from the government project to create a special space of the folksong culture in the Manzhou Township. The Museum can brings energy to the Manzhou Township; besides, we can utilize the folksong culture to assist the cultural heritage work. Moreover, we hope that we can transform the folksong culture into the foundation for the local economic industry. With the introduction of other projects, the folksong culture in Manzhou can pass down and take hold in the local community. In addition, we hope that the daily life culture can be used in the development of local economic industry, and people can make a fortune out of the unique local culture. More importantly, promoting design projects and constructing spaces that can preserve the culture (pass down local knowledge), hold art and culture exhibitions (present local life) and connect to the outside world (show local culture) will help the culture heritage in the community become more attractive. The culture heritage work can fit in the local life better as well. We hope these will attract more local people to take part in the culture heritage work and create innovative jobs. Therefore, a different way of living can be created in the remote village, and the village can find a sustainable development approach to coexist with nature.

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