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Kwoh-ting Li's Residence

No. 3, Lane 2, Tai’an Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

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Kwoh-ting Li's Residence

  • Kwoh-ting Li's Residence
  • Kwoh-ting Li's Residence
  • Kwoh-ting Li's Residence
  • Kwoh-ting Li's Residence
  • Kwoh-ting Li's Residence

Department Introduction

Lying in the tranquil Tai’an Street, this typical Japanese style dormitory is the residence where Kwoh-ting Li lived for more than 20 years in his later years. The residence is well preserved while the decorations in the living room, furnishings in the study, and the plants in the garden remain the same as during Kwoh-ting Li’s lifetime. The simple style of living reflects Li’s modest and patriotic attitude, and his frugality is quite admirable. Kwoh-ting Li came to Taiwan in May, 1948 and began to write the four-year economic development plan during the U.S. aid period after the war. Li was not only devoted to the industrial modernization and enhanced the technologies of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also participated in many international economic cooperation and technology introduction programs. Serving as the Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs since 1965, Li began to promote the export processing industry of textiles, plastic, and consumer electronic products, and large industries such as the steel-making and petrochemical industries. The export processing zone in Kaohsiung was completed for use in the following December attracting the investment of foreigners or overseas Chinese, expanding the export trade and creating employment opportunities. This became a successful example for other developing countries to follow. Li transfered to serve as the Minister of Finance in 1969, and encouraged people to save money. Encountering Taiwan’s withdrawal from the UN, the breaking off of diplomatic relations with Japan, and the oil crisis, Kwoh-ting Li was designated to maintain good relationships with the countries of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and raised domestic and international funds to invest in the ten major construction projects. In 1976, serving as the R&D Tram Convener of the applied technology designated by the Premier of the Executive Yuan Chiang Ching-kuo, Li actively recruited international technologists to provide practical suggestions for Taiwan. He established the Institute for Information Industry in 1979 and assisted in the establishment of the Hsinchu Science Park in the following year, guiding the technology revolution of Taiwanese industries. After serving Taiwan for 40 years, Li retired at the expiration of his term of office in 1988 and was appointed as the Senior Advisor to the President. By constantly promoting the innovation of technology and industry, Li received an honors degree and numerous awards and was known as the “Father of Technology”. In the Japanese style building, the interior decoration is simple but elegant without luxury. The study is filled with book series on economy, business administration, and philosophy of life, indicating that Li continued to learn new knowledge after his retirement. This revealed his studious and industrious attitude as well as his economic foresight.

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