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Chiayi Performing Arts Center

No. 265, Sec. 2, Jianguo Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County

Characteristics of Theme

Arts and Crafts
Drama Music Dance

The Scale of the Museum

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Chiayi Performing Arts Center

  • Chiayi Performing Arts Center
  • Chiayi Performing Arts Center

Department Introduction

PAC is the acronym for Chiayi Performing Arts Center. It also represents the missions and goals of the Center: Profession, Aesthetics and Cheers! The construction plan of the “Chiayi Performing Arts Center” started in 1995, and the construction was contracted out in 1996. Several reasons caused the problem of insufficient funds, so the construction stopped in 1998 and 1999. In 2002, the Council for Cultural Affairs gave financial subsidy to the Chiaya government for the 3-stage construction of the Performing Arts Center. The total amount of the subsidy was 140 million. With the subsidy, the construction site overgrown with weeds finally saw a turning page. The construction was completed in the beginning of 2005. A Dream of the Red Chamber from Cloud Gate was performed on April 22 and 23 of 2005. It was the first performance held in the Performing Arts Center. An organization was established on May 10 of the same year for the management of the Performing Arts Center.

Audience Services and Facilities

  • Lavatory
  • Breastfeeding Room
    Breastfeeding Room
  • Parking Space
    Parking Space
  • Elevators
  • Information and  Service Desk
    Information and Service Desk

Barrier-Free Service

  • Barrier-Free Lavatory
  • Barrier-Free Parking Space for Cars and Motorcycles
  • Barrier-Free Access (ramp)
  • Barrier-Free Elevator
  • Barrier-Free Seating/Seats
  • WCAG Website (A website meets the requirements of WCAG, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)
  • Auxiliary Equipment Rental

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