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sanyi wood sculpture museum

No. 88, Guangsheng Xinching, Guangsheng Village, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County 367

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sanyi wood sculpture museum

  • sanyi wood sculpture museum
  • sanyi wood sculpture museum

Establishment Purpose

  • The museum is affiliated to the Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Miaoli County Government. It was opened on April 9, 1995, and is the only public museum in Taiwan that specializes in wood carvings. The exhibition area was enriched with content and also provides creators with the opportunities to conduct exchanges and discussions. The museum organized to have the 1st Hall's 2nd Floor and Basement 1, and the 2nd Hall's 2nd, 3rd and 4th Floors available for exhibits by Taiwan's wood carving artists and mixed media material creators. This allowed to the Woodcarving Museum to actively promote the art of woodcarving, act as a versatile venue for social education. In return, the Museum can preserve cultural resources, promote cultural art, conduct research on cultural relics, provide social education along with leisure and entertainment to become a professional, sophisticated, and academic international museum.

Department Introduction

The Museum focuses on the promotion of woodcarvings while also being responsible for the collection, archiving, exhibition, research and promotion of woodcarvings. Themes and features can then be maintained, passed on, developed, and innovated to fuel the continued growth and prosperity of the Museum.

Audience Services and Facilities

  • Lavatory
  • Breastfeeding Room
    Breastfeeding Room
  • Parking Space
    Parking Space
  • Elevators
  • Information and  Service Desk
    Information and Service Desk

Barrier-Free Service

  • Barrier-Free Lavatory
  • All paths are wheelchair or cart accessible
  • Auxiliary Equipment Rental
  • Friendly Guided Tour

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