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Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park

No. 345, Section 2, Jishan Road, Zhushan Town, Nantou County 557

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The Scale of the Museum

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Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park

  • Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park
  • Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park
  • Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park
  • Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park
  • Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park

Establishment Purpose

  • The 921 Jiji Earthquake occurred at 1:47 a.m. on September 21st, 1999, and was one of the worst natural disasters in Taiwan in the past 100 years. After the disaster, the government began to invest in earthquake-related research projects. The MOEA's Central Geological Survey commissioned Professor Chen Wenshan of NTU's Department of Geosciences to preside over the Chelungpu Fault Paleoseismic Investigations. The research team conducted surveys in Nantou's Zhushan area in November, 2002. The Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park is located at the end of the National Highway No. 2's Zhushan Interchange. It mainly preserves the world-class thrust faults discovered after the 921 Earthquake. The Park can clearly view the fault sections in real-time, and use projection-mapping videos to show folds and fault structures from paleo earthquakes, making the Park rich in research preservation and scientific value. In addition, the Geoscience Hall has a diverse collection of exhibits that covers various aspects and themes of geosciences. This includes precious fossils, a spectacular walled exhibit of the trench's layers, and an autostereoscopic 3D Display on the formation of the island of Taiwan. The Park plans to have a special "Electromagnetic Horizon" exhibition, which will have indoor and outdoor exhibition area with interactive devices that can use measurements to visualize invisible electromagnetic waves, and allow visitors to explore the mysteries of electricity, electromagnetism and the secrets behind energy sources. The Park allows visitors to obtain an abundant amount of scientific knowledge on geology, electricity, electromagnetism and energy by having fun. During the weekends of each month, there are themed science and education events available for visitors. The park is not only suitable for elementary and junior high school students on field trips, but are also great for families looking to learn new things during weekends and holidays.

Department Introduction

The National Museum of Natural Science (Referred to as the Museum from now on) has inherited the plans established by the National Taiwan University. In order to preserve the special seismic geological landscape and academic research, the operating goals of the "Zhushan Chelungpu Fault Preservation Park" include: 1. Achieve exhibiting and preserving the Chelungpu Fault Trench. 2. Connect to the main tourist attractions in Nantou County, and form a complete intellectual tourism network with the ecological education facilities of the 921 Earthquake Education Park and the Fenghuanggu Bird and Ecology Park. 3. Become an exhibition and research area for geological, geoscience, and fault activity geological surveys in Taiwan. 4. Allow local environment to prosper, increase employment opportunities, and promote economic vitality.

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