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National Taiwan University Museums

No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106

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National Taiwan University Museums

  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums
  • National Taiwan University Museums

Establishment Purpose

  • Chartered during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan, the National Taiwan University (NTU) has over 80 years of history with a rich academic legacy. Many unique and prestigious materials, specimens, and documents have been collected for teaching and research purposes since the university was established in 1928. The NTU has even set up showrooms to display these specimens/artifacts, which are invaluable treasures and assets of the NTU. However, due to limited budgets and resources, such as space and workforce, collections are only maintained by minimum preservation equipment, not for the purpose of further systematic exhibition and extension education. These precious collections have marked the great development of Taiwan’s higher education. If these collections are not properly stored, maintained or utilized, it would be a great loss to both the NTU and the whole Taiwanese society in the fields of natural, cultural and academic legacy. In October 2005, NTU President Si-Chen Lee assigned University Librarian Jieh Hsiang to assemble individual university museums to discuss the utilization and integration of museum resources. After intensive discussions for a year or so, the “NTU Museums Cooperation and Development Plan” was proposed in February 2007 to implement resources integration through collaboration across museums (museum group), hoping to win the school support for improving the collection, exhibition, and promotion environments of each showroom (museum), demonstrate the social and educational functions of these museums on top of the existing research and pedagogic supports, and thereby promote NTU Museums’ overall image. On March 20, 2007, the NTU president approved this plan and each museum began hardware and software improvements. On the NTU anniversary that year (November 15, 2007), the NTU Museums were inaugurated. Currently there are ten museums within the NTU Museums Group, including the Gallery of National Taiwan University History, the Museum of Anthropology, the Geo-specimen Cottage, the Heritage Hall of Physics, the Insect Museum, the Agricultural Exhibition Hall, the TAI Herbarium, the Museum of Zoology, the NTU Archives and the Museum of Medical Humanities. The NTU Library plays the leading role and is responsible for the planning, coordination, and management of the common affairs and public images of NTU Museums through the “NTU Museums Office.” However, each museum is still the decision-maker of its management, operations and development. While keeping a close relationship with the dependent’s to which they belong, the members of NTU Museums are currently connecting with each other within the campus community. Revolutionizing the traditional one-way exhibition limit, the collections are also used in teaching and research, remarking the unique feature of NTU museums. From now on, NTU Museums are open to the general public with open arms for more people to experience the beauty and richness of the collections.

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Apart from supporting research, pedagogy, and learning the NTU Museums aim to preserve cultural assets and promote social education.

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