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Nanfang’ao Fishing Culture Museum

No. 2, Kuagang Road, Su’ao Township, Yilan County.

Characteristics of Theme

Miscellaneous and Others
Ecosystem Ocean Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery and Husbandry

The Scale of the Museum

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The Scale of the Museum

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Nanfang’ao Fishing Culture Museum

  • Nanfang’ao Fishing Culture Museum

Establishment Purpose

  • As it was a military facility, Nanfang’ao Fishing Culture Museum building has a symmetrical, rigid and serious design. There are embrasures on the wall and glass fragments on the enclosure to stop enemies from entry. All these correspond to and provide a solid proof of the building’s historical background. The planning team endeavors to preserve the building’s appearance as is and keeps all spatial monuments, such as the embrasures, glass fragments, etc. for visitors to know the different aspects of this fishing harbor called Nanfang’ao through the museum’s historical and cultural resources and feel the deep structure of the fishing harbor’s changes past and present through the silent but powerful strength of space.

Department Introduction

“Nanfang’ao Fishing Culture Museum” used to be the barracks for the coastal defense guards under military jurisdiction. The history of military buildings in Nanfang’ao dates back to the martial-law period. Coastal defense facilities were also found in Nanxing(南興) and Nanjian(南建) villages in earlier times. To improve Taiwan’s macroeconomic development, the government planned and implemented the “Ten Major Construction Projects” in 1974. The Su’ao port was also built at this time. To maintain public order in the southern embankment area during port construction, flatland was reclaimed along the cliff north of Tofu Cape to build a barrack for the coastal defense guards of the Taiwan Garrison Command. The barracks for the coastal defense guards is what today’s Nanfang’ao Fishing Culture Museum.

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