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Privacy Policy and Security Declaration

Welcome to the Ministry of Culture Museum Island(hereinafter referred to as the “Website”)! Feel free to link to any data placed on this website. If you would like to reproduce, copy or disseminate any information, please send a message to the Ministry of Culture and obtain our approval. In order to create a safer user environment when you use any service and measure provided in the Website, we will address the information security on the Website as follows:

*Scope of this policy

The Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use and protection of any personal data during your activities on this Website, but does not apply to any governmental website or other websites that you are directed to from the Website. Each website directed from the Website, whether operated by the Ministry or not, has its own privacy policy, for which the Ministry is not responsible. The protection of personal data for your activities on such websites will be subject to the privacy policies of such websites.

*Collection and use of personal data

The Website does not collect user’s personal data without a purpose. The necessary collection, processing and use of personal data shall be subject to the “Personal Information Protection Act” of the R.O.C.
The Website’s server will automatically record the webpage that you have viewed or downloaded, user IP and connecting time when you simply viewed or downloaded any webpage of this Website to develop popular clicks, improve our content and analyze the traffic. The purpose is mere statistical analysis and will not relate to any identity data of an individual user.
When personal data is required for any online service provided on this Website, each agency will ask you to provide your name, ID No., contact number, e-mail, mailing address and other latest and most accurate data as necessary for processing your request.
When you send your opinion or inquiry about our services through email or feedback form, we will keep your communication record solely for contacting you.
The Ministry of Culture is obliged to protect the privacy of each applicant. Without your consent, we will not modify or delete any personal data and file unless in the following circumstances:
Violation of the regulations of this Website. For example, posting any abusive or insulting statement in the forum.
Protection or security of personal rights or ownership.
Protection of interests of each unit of this Website.
The Ministry of Culture will not sell, exchange or lease any of your personal data to any entity, individual or private business unless in the following circumstances:
Cooperation with a legal investigation conducted by a judiciary agency.
Cooperation with an investigation or purpose required by an authority under its duties.
Necessary disclosure for a legal purpose as we believe in good faith or management for maintaining and improving the Website services.

*nformation security and protection

The “firewall” on the server will prevent the Website from illegal invasion, destruction or data theft. When you use any service on the Ministry’s website, the data stored on this Website will be subject to complete protection to secure your personal data.

*Your responsibility for your data security

Please keep your personal data properly. Do not leave your personal data to any third party to protect your interests. We remind you that any personal data voluntarily left by you on the Internet (such as the discussion board, comment area, chat room, etc.) will be collected and used by other people. You may receive emails from other people.

*Questions about privacy policy

If you have any questions about the privacy protection declaration of the Ministry of Culture, feel free to contact us.